Friday, November 6, 2009

Nurse Ratched

The nurses here at Presby Dallas are amazing. They have all been wonderful and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Except for that one that was on speed. Oops. She did work night so you have to wonder.....

And except for the one I have had for the past 2 days. For some reason I have made her very mad. I am not sure if it was me sneaking out to go to the ice machine, or sneaking a small walk to stretch out my stomach and ribs as much as possible, or the tylenol I stashed into my room so I could take it every 4 hours instead of six, like the bottle says for crying out loud.

Anyhow, she pounced on me and my parents as we walked to the ice machine at lunch today. "Are you allowed to walk" she demanded "Are you allowed to go to the kitchen"?? I told her yes, I was allowed to do that, and even better, I was allowed to go for a wheelchair ride once a day. Big stuff people.

About 20 minutes later my Mom tried to go get me some orange juice from the kitchen and found she was locked out! HA! Ten weeks of being here and the kitchen has not been locked once. Someone is declaring war here people.

I guess I screwed up when I told my doctor that I had to lean on the Hershey display today while in the gift shop ( one wheelchair outing) because as soon as I stood up I had some monster contractions. Now my doctor, being as nice as he is, of course did not tell me that I would no more roll down the halls again any sooner than I would smell fresh air. But let me tell you who skipped in here to break the news. Nurse Ratched, that's who.

All four feet of her practically shouted from the rooftops that I was not to leave my room again. And you know what? I felt like I was twelve all over again.

And since I am feeling twelve years old I will point out that nobody is stopping Miss Marlboro from going out to smoke every hour. And remember people - we are on the high risk maternity floor.

So here I sit to pout on a Friday night. I can't take a wheelchair ride anymore and John can't bring the kids up to visit because he is sick.

On a better note, Dr. Hunt came by and said, yes, baby girl is quite a bit smaller but we will review it again on Wednesday and decide if something needs to be done at that time. John leaves for New York on Wednesday and doesn't get back until very late on Friday so wouldn't it be my luck to deliver these babies while he is away??

Maybe being locked up and feeling twelve years old isn't such a bad idea after all. If I act like a twelve year old will they take the diagnosis "advanced maternal age" off my chart??

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