Thursday, November 12, 2009

32 weeks 4 days

After the big threat of delivering the twins at 21 weeks, now that I have made it to 32 weeks 4 days, I feel like I am out of the woods. I know babies are not supposed to be born at 32 weeks.....but I have been on bedrest for 12 weeks now. I had one small break where I went home for 10 days but other than that, I have been in the hospital since August. I have missed the season of Fall, which by the way, is my favorite season.

My perinatologist told me in one breath "you MUST not have these babies at 32 weeks, they will spend 2 months in the NICU" and in the next breath "I am recommending that we discontinue your Procardia (the meds that stop contractions) because it is having an adverse side effect on your heart".

So correct me if I'm wrong......Don't have the babies right now, but we are going to take away the meds that keep you from going into labor. Did I miss something?

The twins are growing like weeds. Up until this sonogram we had been warned that Baby A was not growing as fast and if she did not pick up speed it would be a situation we would need to discuss and maybe come up with a plan of action. Baby B has always been the bigger of the 2. On Wednesday's sonogram they measured Baby A at 4#15oz and Baby B at 4#7oz.

My poor cervix is hanging on by a thread, but it is the thread from the cerclage, and that in itself is nothing short of a miracle.

On another note, John had successful meetings in New York and provided nothing happens here in the next 20 hours, he will make it home in time for the birth. Miss Robin, Mary Catherine's teacher from last year, has been over to babysit and stay the night with the kids while John has been away. It would have been my Mom but she came down with H1N1 on Sunday and has been very, very sick. My father-in-law is due to have back surgery on November 16 and is in quite a bit of pain, so mother-in-law needs to stay with him, understandably so. So we hit "skeleton crew" if you will and we are very grateful Robin could help us - plus the kids have had a blast with her at the house.

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