Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nurse Ratched

Have I mentioned that Nurse Ratched has grown on me? Maybe I'm a secret masochist but I have really started to like her.

If my sonogram in the morning is good I "might" be allowed to go home this weekend when I turn 34 weeks. I have already been planning the things I am going to sneak and do - beginning with getting the nursery ready. If these poor babies came today, not only would the boy be nameless, but he would have no place to sleep. Sad state of affairs.

I joked with my OB that I was going to start walking the block while eating spicy food in order to bring on labor....but he reminded me that his partner lives on my street 2 blocks away. Might get caught! But seriously, if they did not want me to begin to get up and move about a bit, then they should keep me under lock and key and Nurse Ratched for longer.

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