Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of School Party

Today was the end of school party for Big Girl's class. Next year she will be off to Kindergarten at a new school. I have been having moments of weepy spells all week. It certainly is not helped by the fact that I am dead-ass tired.

For the kids birthday party last year I had rented them a bounce house and the party was supposed to be in the park. All of this planning I did from bed as I was in the hospital on bedrest with the twins at the time. I forgot to consult Mother Nature about her forecast and the kids party was rained out. Fortunately we were able to switch the party at the time to Chuck-E-Cheese (a bit dodgy during H1N1 season....but all worked out). Anyway, I was left with a rain check for a free bounce house rental so we decided rather than have the class party in the classroom where they kids are all crazy and the Moms are all squashed, that this year we would go all out and have a big bash in the park.

It went really well in spite of the sweltering heat. I snuck in a cooler with wine for the grown ups, the kids had cake, pizza, and drinks. They all received "diplomas" from their teachers. Then they let their "balloon wishes" go and that is when the waterworks started.

The "balloon wishes" was this idea I came up with a few weeks ago where each child would write on a pre-printed card "my favorite thing about Pre-K was ...... and my wish for kindergarten is ....." Each "wish" was then tied to a helium balloon and sent up in the air. Wouldn't you know that all the strings from the balloons got snarled up together?? We decided at the last minute to let the kids all put their hands in a bunch and let the balloons go together.

All the mommies were feeling a touch tipsy and very sentimental so we started getting teary. Poor Big Girl got all confused and started crying herself saying she wanted her wish back. I had hoped that she was going to have made some kind of wish that would be so meaningful that I would want to race home and copy it into her baby book.....but no, Big Girl is quite jealous and is the last one to loose teeth in the class so of course she wished for "losing 3 teeth every single day of Kindergarten" ?!? WTF??

This is a picture of Big Girl and her first boyfriend, Cole. His Mom and I were laughing that we would show this at their rehearsal dinner.

All in all, it was a perfect party. Lots of good memories for the kids and lots of chiggers on my chest where my bra under wire was. What a treat!

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