Monday, May 3, 2010

The Ultimate Insult

This morning I had the breakfast of champions. An old licorice whip I found in the car console. At least it was still wrapped in plastic. My son got this treat from Mothers Day Out a few weeks ago for not having any "accidents" in his big boy underwear.

Tonight I needed to bathe the twins and I've found it is easier to just get in the bath and have my husband hand me one baby at a time. Of course the older kids like to get in too and make a huge mess. Anyhow, tonight before John brought the twins in it was just me and Mary Catherine. She looked at me and said (and I am not kidding) "Mom, why do ladies boobs hang down over their stomachs"? Ouch.

How about because I have nursed four children and used a Medela pump strong enough to power a ski boat for the last four months? I realize that since I have given up nursing that I have milk pancakes, but I just didn't need it to be pointed out by a five year-old.

All the reason to keep socking away my coins for the tummy/boob reno that should take place when the twins are two.

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