Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Score= Diaper Bag 1, Mom 0

Kudos to me for getting all 4 kids fed, dressed, and to carpool line in time. That's about all that I have been able to get right so far this morning.

The area where we usually go to park to take the kids into school has been under construction so the teachers have been holding "drop-off carpool" on the other side of the building. Have I mentioned how much I love this? Because I know I have mentioned it to the director about a zillion times. It is not easy to get all 4 kids out of the car, into backpacks, twins into the stroller, etc. by 9:00 am. Let's not even mention how bad I feel when I am still in my jammies running down the hall of the church school to get the big kids to class on time.

So, this morning after I got the kids to carpool line I trucked halfway across town to the Starbucks with a drive-thru window to get my coffee. Decaf, but still, I need it. The line is always very very very long so you had better have XM radio in your car or find something good to listen to because you are going to be there for awhile. Anyway, I get to the window and order the usual: venti decaf americano with a boatload of cream plus two equals, and a piece of banana bread. Now take into consideration that there are about sixty seven cars behind me so I can't back up when I realize that I do not have my wallet with me in the diaper bag. Shit and shitola.

I had to drive all the way through to the window only to tell hunky coffee boy that I forgot my wallet. No to pleased since they had already made the coffee.

Thank God I had not gone to Target first and done my shopping. I had a long list, of course I forgot that too, but I'm glad I did not realize I had no wallet with a pair of screaming twins and a cartful of frozen food and dino nuggets.

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