Friday, May 7, 2010

SHIT (So Happy It's Friday)

So I told you I was going to jinx myself for bragging about Stuart sleeping all night. And I did put a hex on fact, I am writing this post from National Tire & Battery and that is never a good sign.

Let me start from the beginning. I was feeling so good from my full night of sleep that I felt I needed to go to Anthropologie and drop some money. I found some great tops, very important since I am now trying to hide my "twin skin". (If you don't know what that is, google it, and then you will see what I am dealing with).

Anyway, bought some clothes and headed home to give the babies a bottle before carpool #2 at 12:00. Maritza, otherwise known as my better half, was there so I decided to leave the twins with her so they did not have to spend another two hours in the carseat. Thank God for that one fleeting moment of good sense.

I rolled into the carpool line dead last, which really pisses off my daughter, as if ti means that I love her less than the mom who is first in line. Anyhow, on Fridays she has "Preschool at the Zoo" from 12:30 to 3:30 so I have exactly 30 minutes to feed her and get her there.

About the same time I am realizing that I forgot her tennis shoes for zoo school (had to bring those because she insisted on wearing her hot pink rainboots to school on a sunny Texas day) I notice that the "trusty" suburban is running on fumes. I race BACK home, tear down the front door, scare poor Maritza to death, and run back out with socks and shoes in hand. Off to 7/11 for gas.

I am not sure if it is the recent oil spill that has everyone in a funk about gas but for whatever reason there was a massive line at the pump. Anyway, a few days ago I made Mary Cat a CD off of iTunes with all this teeny pop music. She asked that while I pump the gas would I leave it playing for her. So after waiting in line for 3 cars to pump gas I got out, tossed my $80 into the tank and got back in to head to the zoo. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK was all I heard. My f-ing battery was dead.

As it was noon and the 7/11 was filled with people who speak Spanish I had to use my finest gringo espanol to ask for help. It came out kind of like this....."por favor, mi carro se murio. possible su ayudame a salta". Most of this I learned from Dora. Oh well, the third person I asked was able to help me and the car started. I gave him $8, even though he did not want it, and told him it was Friday, for God's sake, go get some beer.

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