Saturday, January 3, 2009

Turkey Basting

Back for a little more history and I promise to pick up the pace.....

We were seeing Dr. Brian Barnett at Plano Presby for our fertility issues. We had decided to go ahead with the IVF and our insurance covered it, which is totally unheard of. It covers 3 cycles.

Lots of injectable meds, lots of trips to the office, one even on Easter morning and we were all dressed for church. Once the process starts you are pretty much directed by how well your body responds to the drugs and you must make the IVF your top priority for those few months.

I had my egg retrieval on the Tuesday after Easter. It went well, I don't remember the number of eggs they got, I really just wanted to make sure that I had enough to get through the cycle. After the retrieval I went home to rest off the meds from the surgery. Then the 5 days wait began. The embryologist would call us first thing in the morning to tell us the "grade" of the eggs. A being the best and D being the worst. We had a mix of all grades which they said is very normal. On day 5 we checked into the hospital at 6:00 am and began to prepare for the transfer. I was lightly sedated which was helpful since I was pretty nervous.

The Dr and the Embryologist suggested we put in 2 eggs based on the quality of each and my age. I am considered "advanced maternal age". HA! We were nervous about doing 2 but John and I had agreed that since they were the professionals and they had valid reasons to suggest 2, knowing we were looking for a single, then we would follow their advice. They were the professionals and we needed to trust them!

After the transfer I went home to begin 72 hours of complete bed rest. I could only get up to use the rest room. That can get boring pretty fast......

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