Thursday, April 16, 2009

This Week

Yesterday-ish I had my egg retrieval from my first IVF cycle. I say yesterday because it was Tuesday and now it is the middle of the night between Wednesday and Thursday - the time of night when you dont know which day to count it as - the newspaper has not come so is it really Thursday?? - but when I put my nightgown on it was Wednesday......

Tuesday is really blurry from all the meds but a few things do stand out: there were 16 mature follies harvested and we had to make an unexpected switch to ICSI. The nurse came to the recovery room and told my husband and I that his "sample" volume was only 20% of what it should have been in addition to having some abormalities. Then she had to throw in "this could explain why you are here". Not nice to say right there with my husband in the room. This journey is what it is and there is no room for placing blame.

Wednesday morning the ARTS lab called to tell me we have 11 fertilized embryos. We are looking at a Day 5 transfer scheduled for this Sunday. Fingers are crossing......

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